The Master in Art Direction programme is no longer offered at ECAL. We refer to ECAL’s two new master programmes in Photography and Type Design. The online registration is open until 13 April 2021.

The Master in Art Direction (MAAD) is part of ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne in Switzerland. The programme focuses on contemporary editorial practices with the opportunity to “major” in photography or type design. Students are encouraged to create and produce unique content in order to develop their own visual language. The programme motivates and puts emphasis on “storytelling”: building a narrative, editing and laying out content, creating sequences via printed and/or virtual matter.

Each student applying for the Master must be specialized in either graphic design or photography. He or she must be autonomous and efficient. To integrate the program, it is imperative to have a clear idea of what one expects of the training and what one seeks to deepen their own practice.

The programme gives the opportunity for students to participate in a diverse range of experiences, from lectures, workshops to semester projects, in which they work with some of the best international experts. The two year programme ends with a master thesis and a practical project. Finally, the MAAD calls for curious, dynamic and ambitious students who are eager to explore and combine the fields of photography, graphic design and type design.

The team is led by Milo Keller (photography) and Matthieu Cortat (type design) and consists of lecturers: Linus Bill, Bruno Ceschel, Roland Früh, Claus Gunti, Marie Lusa, François Rappo, Lonneke van der Palen. Assisted by: Leonardo Azzolini, Maxime Guyon, Frederik Mahler-Andersen. Visiting lecturers are regularly invited to do workshops and present their work.

Programme Calendar

Lectures, workshops and consultations take place from Monday to Friday.


Course fees:

First Semester
1050.– CHF (Swiss francs)

Consisting of
150. – CHF enrollment fee
24. – CHF Complementary accident insurance
500. – CHF Course fee
375. – Materials fee

Second Semester
875. – CHF

Consisting of
500. – CHF Course fee
375. – Materials fee


Master Art Direction (MAAD)
ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne
5, avenue du Temple, Renens VD
Case postale 555
CH-1001 Lausanne

+41 (0)21 316 99 33
MAAD Facebook


The online registration for the Master in Photography or Master in Type Design 2016 are open until 8 April 2016. Online registration

Past and present visiting Lecturers

Anoush Abrar
Anthon Astrom
Paul Barnes
David Bennewith
Frederik Berlaen
Kai Bernau
Peter Bil’ak
Christiane Bördner
Laurenz Brunner
Angelo Cirimele
Veronica Ditting
Jason Evans
Erwan Frotin
Marcus Gaab
Gilles Gavillet
Urs Hofer
Rafael Koch
Nico Krebs
Marc Kremers
Michel Mallard
Ari Marcopoulos
Dan Michaelson
Taiyo Onorato
Ian Party
Patrick Roppel
Aurèle Sack
Jaap Scheeren
Anouk Schneider
Christian Schwartz
Omar Sosa
Thomas Subreville
Yorgo Tloupas
Joël Vacheron
Marco Velardi
Leonard Vernhet
Lukas Wassmann
Dominik Wichmann
Alan Woo
Qiu Yang
Ludwig Zeller
Lukas Zimmer


Sabina Vera Bösch (CH)
Christelle Bullé (CA)
Dimitry Bukreev (RU)
Ricardo Ferrol (DE)
Tobias Holzmann (DE)
Kim Kyoungtae (KR)
Simon Mager (DE)
Nicolas Polli (CH)
Jagoda Wisniewska (PL)
Heejae Yang (KR)

Daniel Aires de Sena (BR)
Kim Andenmatten (CH)
Leonardo Azzolini (IT)
Sylvain Esposito (CH)
Maria Guta (RO)
Larissa Kasper (CH)
Anna Krieps (LU)
Laurence Kubski (CH)
Namsa Leuba (CH)
Eric Loizzo (FR)
Jessica Mantel (CH)
Jana Neff (DE)
Michaël Teixeira (FR)
Maria Trofimova (RS)

Julia Andréone (FR)
Sandra Carrera (CH)
André Freiermuth (CH)
Sarah Klein (CH)
Noortje Knulst (NL)
Kevin Maria Pedron (IT)
Filippo Pellini (IT)
Anaïs Schrameck (CH)
Héloïse Schwab (CH)

Anna Bitzer (DE)
Marie-Pierre Cravedi (FR)
Yin Fei Gwee (SG)
David Luraschi (US)
Basile Mookherjee (FR)
Roxane Schneider (CH)
Michal Florence Schorro (CH)
Renata Sifrar (SK)
Prune Simon-Vermot (CH)
Katharina Tauer (DE)
Martina Vierthaler (DE)

Andrea Anner (CH)
Luke Archer (UK)
Florine Bonaventure (FR)
Clément Bonnetin (FR)
Jane Cheng (US)
Guillaume Collignon (FR)
Yann Pablo Corminboeuf (CH)
David Excoffier (CH)
Philippe Karrer (CH)
Andrea Massaccesi (IT)
Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup (CH)

Federico Berardi (CH)
Chloé Berthaudin (CH)
Olga Cafiero (CH)
Victor de Castro (CH)
David Favrod (CH)
Matthew Fenton (UK)
Nicolas Haeni (CH)
Christoph Knoth (DE)
Katharina Köhler (DE)
Matthieu Lavanchy (CH)
Jonas Marguet (CH)
Louise Paradis (CA)
Sarah Parsons (CH)
Cyril Porchet (CH)
Haakon Spencer (UK)


Creative Direction:
Philippe Egger

Florine Bonaventure

Design and Programming:
Luke Archer (Omnigroup)

Reprography and Documentation:
Florine Bonaventure and Prune Simon-Vermot

Modest Beta by Robert Huber

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