Cité Radieuse Publication

Johannes Bauer
Sabina Vera Bösch
Christelle Boulé
Dmitry Bukreev
Ana Cuba
Ricardo Ferrol
Tobias Holzmann
Simon Mager
Charlotte Marcodini
Nicolas Polli
Jagoda Wisniewska
Heejae Yang

Marie Lusa
Lukas Wassmann
Joël Vacheron
Philippe Egger

Florine Bonaventure


In March 2015, the first year MAAD students were invited to attend a four day workshop lead by Lukas Wassmann, Joël Vacheron and Philippe Egger, to experience and document everyday life in and around the Cité Radieuse, built in Marseille by Le Corbusier.
Later in the semester, a one week workshop lead by Marie Lusa kicked off the editing and design process. The result is a publication which includes interviews, portraits of residents, fictional characters inspired by the Modulor, collages, still lifes of the objects designed by the Master Product Design students photographed by Michel Bonvin and a custom drawn typeface echoing the building’s proportions.
This publication is available during the Master Product Design exhibition staged in Apartment 50 from 4 to 19 July 2015.