Nestlé Jubilee Project

Workshop lead by:
Winfried Heininger

Photography by:
Andrea Anner
Luke Archer
Federico Berardi
Florine Bonaventure
Clément Bonnetin
Jane Cheng
Guillaume Collignon
Yann Pablo Corminboeuf
David Excoffier
Nicolas Haeni
Philippe Karrer
Andrea Massaccesi
Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
Cyril Porchet

Book Design:
Andrea Anner
Florine Bonaventure


In 2016 the Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art will celebrate it’s 25th year anniversary. MAAD students were invited to participate in the first part of the Nestlé Jubliee Project, where their brief was to re-imagine past projects supported by the foundation, and to oversee the design and production of the book.