Digital Strategies in Genre-Defining Magazines

The «Digital Strategies in Genre-Defining Magazines» website is online!

«Digital Strategies in Genre-Defining Magazines» is a research project initiated by the Master Art Direction of ECAL and directed by Philippe Egger, Joël Vacheron and Luke Archer. The project took place over a series of workshops, conferences and interviews between 2013 and 2015

The key goals are:

– Establish an overview of the current state of digital publishing.
– Introduce students to the main concepts, roles and approaches of digital publishing.
– Open a dialogue with leading figures.
– Explore and develop new strategies.

Guest lecturers: Anthon Astrom, Laurenz Brunner, Jason Evans, Marc Kremers, Dan Michaelson, Alan Woo, Lukas Zimmer

Participants: Daniel Aires de Sena, Kim Andenmatten, Leonardo Azzolini, Sylvain Esposito, Maria Guta, Larissa Kasper, Laurence Kubski, Namsa Leuba, Eric Loizzo, Jessica Mantel, Jana Neff, Michaël Teixeira, Kyoungtae Kim, Maria Trofimova, Loris Olivier, Johannes Bauer, Sabina Vera Bösch, Christelle Boulé, Dmitry Bukreev, Ricardo Ferrol, Tobias Holzmann, Simon Mager, Charlotte Marcodini, Nicolas Polli, Jagoda Wisniewska, Heejae Yang

Supported by the HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland)

Posted 05 Apr 2016