Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs Publication

Johannes Bauer
Sabina Vera Bösch
Christelle Boulé
Jacques-Aurélien Brun
Dmitry Bukreev
Ana Cuba
Sylvain Esposito
Ricardo Ferrol
Maria Guta
Tobias Holzmann
Benoit Jeannet
Kyoung Tae Kim
Namsa Leuba
Eric Loizzo
Simon Mager
Charlotte Marcodini
Jana Neff
Nicolas Polli
Michael Teixeira
Maria Trofimova
Jagoda Wisniewska
Heejae Yang

Florine Bonaventure
Prune Simon-Vermot

Seven hundred kilograms of clay, neatly packed and delivered into the ECAL’s Elac, the school’s exhibition space, formed the starting point of our workshop in December 2014 with a group of Master degree students of MAAD. Being surrounded by computers and technical devices, spending most of the day in physically non existent worlds, it seemed like a relevant plan to start the week with formable matter: a free roundof pure creation, formed by hands (and feet), open to subject, theme and artistic intention.

1. Take it in hands.
2. Feel the resistance, its humidity, its weight and transform a thought into three dimensional form.
3. Think about how this form can be represented in space and in print.
4. Be curious, experiment and try to come as close as possible to your original thought or drift away as far as possible from it.

By end of the week this publication accompanies the opening of an exhibition.

Taiyo and Nico