Jaap Scheeren

Julia Andréone
Pearl Gerber
Noortje Knulst
Anna Krieps
Héloïse Schwab

Florine Bonaventure

“Jaap Scheeren is nuts. That’s perfectly fine, since we need people like that, and he’s one of them. And luckily he’s willing to help us out a little; he presents our surreptitious feelings and desires through the medium of free expression that we are all too happy to leave to him. He dreams up the wackiest, liveliest performances, or carefully staged photo-opportunities, and then steps back while events take their course – leaving us to rhapsodize over the result. It seems we are all secretly envious of his refreshing non-conformism and dynamic inventiveness”, says Frank van der Stok.

Following this line of thinking, Jaap lead the students through a five day workshop exploring the manipulation of lighting and alternative ways of perceiving photographic subjects.