Studio NOI

Yevgen Anfalov
Jacopo Atzori
Alyar Aynetchi
Johannes Bauer
Arve Båtevik
Vilhelm Björndahl
Rahel Brochhagen
Juliette Collin
Gabriele Fumero
Maria Grazia Grasso
Florence Meunier
Bilal Sebei
Senta Simond
Nicolas Toulotte
Anna Toussaint
Clément Tremblot de la Croix
Laura Zoccarato
Dimitry Bukreev

Assisted by:
Leonardo Azzolini
Maxime Guyon
Frederik Mahler-Andersen

00:00 – 24:00

24 hours define a full, repeating cycle of changing light; from bright to dark, to bright again. This daily cycle can be divided into four light situations: Golden Hour, Solar Noon, Blue Hour, Solar Midnight. The characteristics, associations and mythologies surrounding these four light situtations and the fact that every day is defined by the same never ending cycle marks the overall theme of this workshop given by Studio NOI (Corina Neuenschwander and Simone Koller) concluded by a collective publication with the 1st year students.