Yorgo Tloupas

Yevgen Anfalov
Jacopo Atzori
Alyar Aynetchi
Arve Båtevik
Vilhelm Björndahl
Rahel Brochhagen
Juliette Collin
Clément Tremblot de la Croix
Gabriele Fumero
Maria Grazia Grasso
Florence Meunier
Bilal Sebei
Lucas Raoni De Paula Selhane
Senta Simond
Nicolas Toulotte-Garner
Anna Toussaint
Laura Zoccarato

In November 2015 the first year students of Master in Art Direction took part in a week-long workshop led by Yorgo Tloupas, Paris-based art director and designer.

The workshop focused on identity development on a scale that encompassed two and three dimensional installations. The engagement was to build a “miniature world” which progressed into the creation of four fictional environments connected by a miniature train.

The concept for each miniature world encapsulated its own language and logo, thus contributing to form a micro-local visual identity. Emphasis on scenography, envisioned the construction of specific microcosmoses as set designed habitats integrating the graphic language and its photographic purpose. Additionally, a specialized mission was to design a typeface to unify the diversities of each project under a common aesthetic, eventually creating a complete environment.

The installation was the centerpiece of the workshop, which was documented through photography, video and a public showcase, which took place on November 27th in the MAAD workspace.